Regardless of the “backend” content management software, end-users see a consistent, easy-to-use integration, alleviating the need for training and re-training on different vendors’ native content management clients.
This makes EveryDoc an efficient deployment option for initial rollouts, mixed vendor environments, and backend vendor migrations, and gives an IT department previously-unattainable flexibility to choose the best backend solution for each project.

First is a quick video demonstration of how easy it is to create a new document from within MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint.


Documents can be saved and then edited directly from any of the repositories configured and enabled within EveryDoc.

​Second is a demonstration of importing new documents into a configured repository.


Documents of any format can be dragged into folders within EveryDoc.  Administrator-configured "Import Dialogs" will be automatically shown to users for applicable mandatory- and optional-property assignment.

​This video clip illustrates how easy it is to check out documents from one repository to another for collaboration.

Document changes made in the check out repository can be checked back into the source repository with ease.

​Last, but not least, a brief demonstration of document and folder searching from within EveryDoc Office Integrations.


Any configured repository can be selected for inclusion in a search, and the cross-repository search is processed in parallel with results also populating as they are received.


As always, all document and folder security applied by the repository is strictly adhered to.

These are just a few of the many features included in EveryDoc Office Integrations!


Please contact us to see a full demonstration of its capabilities including Thumbnail Support, User and Administrator Configuration Options, Grid StyleSheets, Offline Support, Automatic Content Synchronization, Single Sign On, etc!


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